Forever In My Heart




Forever In My Heart

Corky Wink © 2017


You left today for heaven’s way and now we are a part

Watch over me and share your peace, heal my broken heart

You’re now a far, among the stars I feel you in their shine,

Brighten my days and fill my way with the magic of your time


World without you a lonely place

Oh, I long for your warm embrace

Time has slowed like falling sand

I miss the touch of your hand


Help me to see, the joy to be, the future like the past

Your memory is clear to me, your love will always last


Your life has touched, so many of us the love that you have grown

It’s hard to believe, how lucky we were, to have you for our own

And the joy you gave, the battle you braved the beauty you have shown

Gives me a way, to face each day until I make it home


Home is a place with your smiling face

Filled with warmth, caught in laughter’s race

Home is a place where music’s played

And songs of joy are made


You left today, for heaven’s way and now we are a part

Watch over me, share your peace

You’re forever in my heart

You’re forever in my heart


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